The activities that we have undertaken so far are:

  • Talks and walks to encounter bats
  • Presentations and Event Attendance
  • Transect surveys
  • Emergence Surveys – counting bats coming out of roosts
  • Static Detector surveys – having a detector in your garden
  • Roost Inspections
  • Catching bats using mist nets and harp traps
  • Ringing
  • Infra-Red Filming
  • Data Analysis – identifying bats from their ultrasonic echolocation calls
  • Endoscope surveys – looking for bat roosts in trees

How Can You Help?

  • Send details of bat activity
  • Send details of roosts
  • Host a bat detector in your garden
  • Take part in transects and roost counts
  • Ask other people if they know of bats in the valley
  • Talk to people about how interesting bats are

Focused Activities for 2018

  • Endoscope surveys to find tree roosts
  • Establishing extent of important foraging ranges of specific species such as barbastelle
  • Backtracking flyways
  • Continued random and focused surveys
  • Continued public awareness